2023-2024 Catalog

Degree Requirements

In order to complete an undergraduate degree at MMC, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 credits at the 100-level or above, including at least 30 credits at the 300-level or above, at least 3 credits of which must be at the 400-level.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above in courses taken at MMC based on the grading scale currently published in this catalogue.
  3. Fulfillment of:
    1. All General Education requirements;
    2. Requirements in a declared major offered by the College;
    3. Requirements in a specified minor, if the student has elected such course of study.
  4. College Residency Requirement: Completion of at least 60 credits in courses taken in attendance at MMC; these may not include independent studies, prior learning experiences, internships, or exchange credits, e.g., credits taken in exchange programs with other institutions.
  5. Major Residency Requirement: Completion of at least 12 credits in courses in the student’s major discipline taken at MMC (excluding independent studies, prior learning experience, internships and exchange credits). These credits may be used in fulfilling the College Residency Requirement.
  6. Liberal Arts Requirement: Marymount Manhattan College defines itself as a liberal arts college. Courses in the liberal arts develop students’ judgement and understanding about individuals’ relationship to the social, cultural, and natural qualities of the world in which they live. The New York State Education Department requires that at least 90 credits of a Bachelor of Arts degree, 60 credits of a Bachelor of Science degree, and 30 credits of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are in liberal arts courses.

All students must declare a major (with a possible field of concentration) upon or before the completion of 60 credits. While MMC encourages all students to explore a variety of fields and disciplines during their undergraduate experience, it is appropriate for this exploration to occur within the first 60 credits. Students transferring to MMC with 56 credits or more must file their Declaration of Major upon admission or before completion of 15 credits at MMC. Students must file Declaration Forms in the Office of Academic Advisement during designated declaration periods

Information is also available on the MMC Web site at https://www.mmm.edu/offices/academic-advisement/degree-requirements.php