2020-2021 Catalog


Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. The social, political, literary and artistic influences of the countries where Spanish is spoken are evident due to increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking people in the United States. Latino communities are important in New York and other major centers, where Spanish has become the second language.

Students who become fluent in Spanish are prepared for a variety of positions in international business, government, education, and community and cultural organizations that provide crucial services to our society. Recent alumni include corporate executives, scholars, teachers, writers, researchers, translators, interpreters, social workers, and diplomats.

The course sequence in Spanish offers an alternative path towards completing Gen. Ed. requirements. For details, see “The Language Path”.

Division: Humanities and Social Sciences
Division Office: The Faculty Center 301
Phone: 646-393-4111
Division Chair: Jennifer N. Brown, Ph.D. 
Administrative Coordinator: Alexandra Dill 

Program Faculty:

Michael Colvin

Professor of English and World Literatures

Chair, Department of English and World Literatures

B.A., Stockton State College

M.A.& Ph.D., Temple University

The Faculty Center 100

Phone: 646-393-4116



Edna Aizenberg
Professor Emerita of Spanish
B.A., City College of CUNY
M.A. & Ph.D., Columbia University

Spanish Courses (SPAN)