2020-2021 Catalog

Race and Anti-Racism

Race and Anti-Racism is an interdisciplinary minor that teaches students to analyze race as a social and historical construct, and promotes anti-racist thought and action. The Race and Anti-Racism minor is organized around the idea that concepts of “race” are historically contingent structures. Guided by this premise, students will study the impact of social, cultural, political and economic organization on the production and experience of race. Students will examine how concepts of race intersect with other forms of social difference, including, but not limited to, class, gender, and nationality. Classes in the minor will illuminate how racist ideologies (including white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and colonialist Eurocentrism) have shaped—and continue to shape—modern thought and institutions, from the U.S. Constitution to American college curricula to Disney movies. Students will apply their understanding of racist structures to develop anti-racist projects and practices, with the goal of transforming our College and society. The internal logic of the minor requires that students progress from required core courses that introduce the history and theory of race, to more specialized, discipline specific ones. Students from any major may pursue the Race and Anti-Racism minor. However, students may not count more than two courses toward both their major and their minor requirements.


Division: Humanities and Social Sciences
Division Office: The Faculty Center 301
Phone: 646-393-4111
Division Chair: Jennifer N. Brown, Ph.D. 
Administrative Assistant: Alexandra Dill

Program Faculty:

Faculty from various departments across the College teach courses in the Race and Anti-Racism Minor.