2020-2021 Catalog

Law and Ethics

Law school is a gateway to fulfilling, prosperous careers in the justice system, government, business, public policy institutes, think tanks, and many other areas. Marymount Manhattan has interdisciplinary curricular resources and a prime location in New York City that provide students with strong preparation for law school.

There is no specific major or minor required for law school applicants. However, pursuing a focused course of study that promotes foundational skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written expression, careful textual analysis, research and assimilation of complex data, and understanding of diverse perspectives can serve as an excellent foundation for law school. The Law and Ethics minor will not only cultivate such skills, but also do so in an ethically conscious way in keeping with the College’s mission.

Students are encouraged to visit the official website of the Law School Admissions Council, in conjunction with working closely with their Law and Ethics Advisor, as early as possible in their course of study in order to prepare properly for taking the LSAT exam and applying to law school programs: http://www.lsac.org/.

Students are required to take a total of six (6) courses (18 credits) from the lists below in order to complete the Law and Ethics minor. These six courses will consist of three required introductory methods and content courses—PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics (DS4), PHIL 109: Introduction to Logic (DS4), and PS 106: Introduction to U.S. Politics (DS5)—which should be taken at the beginning of the work on the minor. The remaining three (3) courses will consist of advanced theory and content courses distributed as follows: one course from each of three Distribution Categories. Students may elect, in consultation with the Program Coordinator, to count one (1) law-related internship at a law firm, business, or public policy institute, etc. for the sixth course under Distribution Category 3.

Division: Humanities and Social Sciences
Division Office: The Faculty Center 301
Phone: 646-393-4111
Division Chair: Jennifer N. Brown, Ph.D. 
Administrative Assistant: Alexandra Dill

Program Faculty: Faculty from various departments across the College teach courses in the Law and Ethics minor.

Bradley L. Herling

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Chair, Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Coordinator, Law and Ethics

B.A., Wesleyan University

Ph.D., Boston University

The Faculty Center 500

Phone: 646-393-4115


Rosemary Nossiff

Associate Professor of Political Science

Coordinator, Law and Ethics

B.A., University of New Hampshire

M.A., California State University

Ph.D., Cornell University

The Faculty Center 400

Phone: 646-393-4135


Jessica Blatt

Associate Professor of Political Science

B.A., University of California, Berkeley

M.A., New School for Social Research

Ph.D., New School for Social Research

The Faculty Center 400

Phone: 646-393-4138


Lauren Erin Brown

Associate Professor of History

B. A., Smith College

M. A., & Ph. D., Harvard University

The Faculty Center 400

Phone: 646-393-4141


Yu-Yin Cheng

Professor of History and International Studies

B.A., National Taiwan Normal University

M.A. & Ph.D., University of California, Davis

The Faculty Center 501

Phone: 646-393-4140