2020-2021 Catalog


The Entrepreneurship Program provides an opportunity for our students to create and manage their own innovative ventures. Focusing on New York City and its resources through field visits, internships and workshops, students will be engaged in developing, critically evaluating and implementing a business plan. The mission of the entrepreneurship major is consistent with the College’s mission: To educate a socially and economically diverse student population by fostering intellectual achievement and personal growth. We accomplish this by giving each student the necessary foundation to become a successful entrepreneur. The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program provides preparation for graduate studies or a career as an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurship majors take courses in the business core including basic accounting, economics, marketing and management, while specializing in entrepreneurship.

Division: Business
Division Office: Carson Hall 517
Phone: 212-517-0631
Division Chair: Vandana Rao, Ph.D.
Division Assistant: Carmen Jackman Torres