2020-2021 Catalog

Digital Journalism

The field of journalism is undergoing an exciting transformation as it adapts to new technologies and branches out into emerging media outlets.

MMC’s Digital Journalism major prepares students for careers in this vibrant and evolving profession by providing them with a solid foundation in journalism practices and equipping students to enter the contemporary workplace. Its foundational courses develop the research, writing, and reporting skills necessary to journalists of the 21st century. Its content courses allow students to learn in-depth fields of study relevant to public affairs reporting or feature article writing for magazines and online publications. Its writing courses provide advanced training in crafting professional quality pieces related to public affairs and political reporting, freelance article writing, arts and media reporting, and fashion reporting. Its production courses equip students with a range of skills in media creation to make them competitive in an increasingly multi-media journalism industry.

Located in New York City, a major media capital, Journalism students will have opportunities to take a variety of internships, fully mentored by faculty. With foundational expertise and cutting-edge journalistic skills, Journalism majors will be are ready to become part of an exciting creative profession.

Division: Communication and Media Arts
Division Office: Nugent Hall 560
Phone: 212-774-4834
Division Chair: Peter Schaefer, Ph.D.
Division Assistant: Katherine Wood

Faculty from Communication and Media Arts teach courses in the Digital Journalism Major.