2020-2021 Catalog


The Biology Program in the Department of Natural Sciences prepares students to excel in the biological, chemical, physical and mathematical sciences. The faculty represent various disciplines of the natural sciences, creating a unique and intimate educational venue for students. The academic program incorporates innovative and interdisciplinary courses that enhance the traditional scientific curriculum. Faculty members provide students with an exceptional foundation in both analytical and quantitative skills and rigorous life science course work, along with the opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored research. A broad exposure to non-science, liberal arts classes enhances our pedagogical mission, creating a critical combination of experiences essential for applying life science skills to future careers.

The B.S. in Biology is appropriate for students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies in various medical fields or research in the life or physical sciences.

The B.A. in Biology is appropriate for students seeking careers as physical or occupational therapists, and physician assistants, as well as other health science professions, or for students wanting to enter the workforce upon graduation.

The Biomedical Sciences major is described later in the catalog.

Students pursuing the Biology major are strongly encouraged to participate in faculty-guided scientific research experiences, both on-site and off-campus. Internships and Independent Study Projects, co-mentored by faculty and various members of the many outstanding NYC biomedical facilities, are also available.

An optional Thesis Track in Biology is available to all Biology majors to propose and conduct research over multiple semesters. Students choosing this option will graduate with honors in the major.

Admission to the Biology program is based on students’ academic qualifications, including SAT/ACT scores, standardized science exam scores and high school GPA.

The Natural Sciences Department also offers minors in Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Environmental Studies for students from any major seeking to expand their knowledge and career options.


Division: Sciences
Division Office: Carson Hall 706
Phone: 212-774-0725
Division Chair: Benedetta Sampoli Benitez, Ph.D.
Division Assistant: TBD

Faculty from the Department of Natural Sciences teach courses in the Biology major.


Department Faculty:

Benedetta A. Sampoli Benitez

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chair, Division of Sciences

Pre-Health Advisor

B.S. & M.S., University of Florence, Italy

Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Carson Hall 706L

Phone: 212-517-0653


Ann Aguanno

Professor of Biology

Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

Coordinator, Biology Post-Bac Program

B.A., SUNY, Buffalo

M.S. & Ph.D., New York University

Carson Hall 603

Phone: 212-774-4838


Alessandra Leri

Professor of Chemistry

Coordinator, Urban and Environmental Sustainability Program

B.S., College of William and Mary

M.A., University of Virginia

Ph.D., Princeton University

Carson Hall 603

Phone: 212-517-0661


Matthew Lundquist

Assistant Professor of Biology

B.S., State University of NY College at Oneonta

M.S., Michigan State University

Ph.D., Binghamton University

Carson Hall 603

Phone: 212-517-0667


Anne Mazelis

Professor Emerita of Biology

B.S., The City College of CUNY

M.S., The University of Chicago

Ph.D., Cornell University


Biology Courses (BIOL)