2019-2020 Catalog

Registering for Courses

While a wide range of transactions is carried out in the CSS, the most regular and frequent of these is registration for classes. All students register twice annually: in the Fall (November) for January and Spring Classes; in the Spring (April) for Summer and Fall Classes. The Course Bulletin - the schedule of courses being offered for these sessions is available during advisement.   Each semester prior to advisement, students are sent an e-mail notification to inform them about registration and to access the “On-line Registration Manual” for detailed instructions and procedures. Students are also instructed to access MMC Connect. Prior to the beginning of registration, the webpage will display the following in the Student’s menu:

  • Student’s registration date and time if they have been assigned.
  • Any restrictions/holds on the student’s account.
  • During the assigned registration timeslot, students will see the full registration menu if there is no restriction/hold on file.
  • Student clearances for immunization (IC) and registration (HBA). Faculty advisors meet with students on one or two advisement days held each semester to plan a schedule for the next term. After meeting with her/his faculty advisor, each student is permit ted to log on to MMC Connect to register online for courses. To register for a few independent activities such as: internships, study abroad, and new and readmitted students may register during the time between the end of the regularly scheduled registration period for continuing students, and the end of Late Registration.
  • Although students may register online, they may not completely withdraw from their entire schedule online. Students wishing to withdraw from the College must complete a total withdrawal form and an Exit Interview in the Office of Academic Advisement.
  • Students may be prompted to update their permanent or local address on MMC Connect before they can register for classes.