2019-2020 Catalog

Program Changes

Students may add or drop courses online before the official start day of the term begins. Students may make program changes until the end of the add period without incurring any fees. During the official Program Change period, students must make all changes in person by following this procedure: obtain a Program Change form in the Center for Student Services; consult with an advisor; obtain the advisor’s signature; and return the form to the Center for Student Services for processing. After the official Program Change add period ends, a charge of $30 is imposed for every program change transaction made. (Dates for Program Change are listed on the web for each term.) Students may not add courses once the Program Change period has ended; however, they may continue to drop courses without a grade according to dates published in the academic calendar. Note that seniors may not change their major, minor, and/or concentration after the end of the Program Change period during their final semester of study. And they should only make other program changes after consultation with their advisors since this could impact their graduation status.

Students who shift their credit load for the semester from full- to part-time* will be charged forfeiture, according to the College’s Tuition Cancellation Policy. Similarly, students, who drop all courses in their semester program, during this period, will be charged tuition and fees according to the College’s Tuition Cancellation Policy. (See Student Account Section.) For these students, financial aid will be recalculated for the semester.

*International Students on an F-1 visa must pursue a full course of study.  Under special circumstances may an F-1 visa student enroll part-time.  For more information, international students should consult with the International Student Services advisor before making any program changes.