2019-2020 Catalog

Marymount Manhattan College Grants

Grants are offered to entering students on the basis of financial need. Some of these grants continue to be offered to students who maintain a specific cumulative grade point average. (If cumulative GPA is also a criterion, the required GPA is shown under eligibility.) All grants and combinations of grants with supplemental grants are awarded up to tuition costs only depending on individual need. Changes to enrollment and living arrangements can impact eligibility for MMC scholarships and need based grants/endowments.

Marymount Manhattan College Need-Based Grants Full-time degree seeking undergraduates. 1. Demonstrate financial need
2. Based on FAFSA at time of preparing package
1. Renewal FAFSA.
2. Demonstrate need.
3. Maintain full-time status.
Student Success Grant Full-time degree seeking undergraduates who enter MMC directly from high school No application required. Considered at time of acceptance 1. Maintain full-time status
2. Fall and spring terms only for a maximum of four years Overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
Yellow Ribbon Program You must be eligible for the maximum benefit rate of 100% under the Post-9/11 GI Bill;
MMC has voluntarily entered into a Yellow Ribbon Agreement with the VA for up to 10 participants in the program at a maximum of up to $2,000 in an academic year.
The VA will match MMC funds awarded to the student, up to $2,000.
There is no separate application process for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students are reviewed once they have exhausted their maximum benefit rate of 100% durinag the academic year. Reviewed each academic year

Note: Funding received may be used to replace all or part of a previously awarded MMC grant. Scholarships are awarded based on donors specified criteria and are not guaranteed renewal.