2019-2020 Catalog

Diploma and Transcript

Once the degree conferral process is complete and certified by the Registrar, the list of degree recipients is sent to a third party diploma printing company.  The processing time for the diploma order and issuance of diplomas is approximately 60 days. ( Note - the 60 day period does not begin after the end of the term.  The processing time begins when the degrees are conferred*)The diploma packet, which will include a courtesy unofficial-student copy transcript will be delivered as requested on their online graduation application to the degree recipient.  Diplomas and academic transcripts will be withheld for the following reasons:

  • failure to pay tuition
  • failure to pay library fees
  • for default on an educational debt
  • for failure to complete loan exit counseling
  • failure to repay an educational overpayment


*Estimated time for conferral of degrees:

  1. June 01, 2XXX - After the 1st week in June
  2. September 01, 2XXX - After the 1st week in September
  3. February 01, 2XXX - After the 1st week in February