2019-2020 Catalog

Dining Dollars Program for Students

All residential students are required to participate in the Dining Dollars program with a minimum charge of $1,350 for the fall semester and a $1,350 charge for the spring semester. When applying for housing, residents select the desired amount of Dining Dollars. Residents who do not make a selection will automatically be enrolled in the minimum required amount of $1,350 per semester. The Dining Dollars amount the student selects for the fall semester will automatically be charged to the resident’s account for the spring semester. Resident students who wish to change their spring semester Dining Dollars amount to the minimum requirement must notify the Office of Residence Life via their MMC email account by the last day of add/drop .

The College will carry-over any remaining Dining Dollars in a student’s account at the end of the fall semester and add it to the required Spring Semester Dining Dollars amount. At the end of the Spring Semester, any unused Dining Dollars on the card will remain available for future use. Students who remain in housing will continue to be charged the required minimum of Dining Dollars each semester. For all students, balances will continue to carryover from semester to semester until the student graduates or withdraws from the College at which time any remaining Dining Dollars funds will be forfeited.

All non-residential students are eligible to participate in the Dining Dollars program. There is no minimum amount required and balances carry over from term to term. To learn more or add Dining Dollars to your ID card go to the Student page on the web and select Dining Services or visit the Center for Student Services to use the kiosk.

For more information, see Dining Dollars webpage