2019-2020 Catalog

Applying for Graduation

Students who complete or will complete 120 credits do not automatically graduate or receive a diploma. All candidates for degree must file a formal application for graduation with the Registrar’s Office in the Center for Student Services, by the application deadline date.

Graduating seniors are encouraged to view their Program Evaluation on Web Advisor, under the “Academic Profile” section. The program evaluation will show all completed courses taken at MMC, transfer courses, in-progress, registered, and pre-registered courses and matches them against the requirements for a particular degree program. Graduating seniors can determine their graduation status by their program summary status.

A program summary status of “In Progress” means the student has outstanding degree requirements. Students are advised to register for the courses that have yet to be fulfilled and/or ensure all pertinent documents such as course substitutions, change of major/minor/concentration form, official transcripts or exam scores from other institutions are submitted to the appropriate offices within a given timeframe.

A program summary status of “Pending(Anticipated Complete)” means the student will fulfill their degree requirements upon completion of term, assuming they do not withdraw from any classes, change their academic program, and receive the minimum passing grade for the course(s).

Students who are not completing their degree requirements should not apply for graduation. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they will have at least 120 credits upon graduation. Degrees are conferred three times a year: September, February, or June.

The deadline dates to submit the graduation application are as follows:

Degree Conferral Date Deadline to Submit Graduation Application*
September graduate May 15*
February graduate September 15
June graduate November 15

* If the 15th day of the month falls on a weekend, the deadline date will be the following Monday on the calendar

Degree Program Changes and Graduation

Graduating seniors may not change their major, minor, and/or concentration after the end of the Program Change period during their final semester of study. And they should only make other program changes after consultation with their advisors since this could impact their graduation status.

Note: Once a degree has been conferred, no program changes can be made. A graduating senior who subsequently graduates from MMC cannot return to MMC and add an additional major/ minor/concentration onto the student’s academic record.