2019-2020 Catalog

Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media

The Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies major introduces students to the history, theory, and industrial practice of these forms through courses that may focus on the language and techniques of film, writing for television, the role of emerging technologies, the connections of digital media and society, or the American television industry.

Each student completes a core of eight courses, and then chooses seven courses to emphasize their particular interest within the major. Located in the media capital of the world, faculty will assist students in taking full advantage of museums, archives, and festivals both inside and outside of coursework. Students are encouraged to pursue internships in both the non-profit and industry sectors connected to cinema, television, and emerging media.

Students are encouraged to pursue a minor that helps develop their expertise in an area of film, television, or emerging media they find particularly interesting. Minors in Theatre, Dance, Art, Music, Business Management, Journalism, Creative Writing, and Gender and Sexuality Studies are especially recommended.

Division: Communication and Media Arts
Division Office: Nugent Hall 560
Phone: 212-774-4834
Division Chair: Peter Schaefer, Ph.D.
Division Assistant: Katherine Wood

Faculty from Communication and Media Arts teach courses in the Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Major.